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The app was designed to help you achieve your highest level of fitness as an overall athlete. We will focus on building lean muscle and strength with bodyweight/resistance training, while improving your endurance and athleticism with running workouts and high intensity condtioning.

My Programs

Whether you are looking for programs or individual workouts, I provide you with all the content you need to accomplish your goals. New workouts added by me every month!
  • ​5-week Minimal Equipment Program
  • ​​5-week Bodyweight Program
  • ​5-week Bear Crawl Program
  • ​HIIT Workouts
  • ​Upper body Workouts
  • ​Core Workouts 
  • ​Lower body Workouts 

Nutrition Guides

I give you the exact framework I use for eating throughout the day, my grocery shopping list and fasting strategy. You'll have all the insights you need to build and maintain healthy eating habits
  • Nutrition Guide
  • ​Supplement Guide
  • ​Fasting Guide
  • ​Grocery Lists
  • ​Tips & more


The app is one of the highest rated in the App Store! There is a reason for that.
  • Ask me questions in the app
  • Easy to follow videos
  • ​Download workouts for offline use
  • ​Stream workouts to your TV
  • ​Track your progress 
  • ​Collect health data
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About Devon Levesque
Devon Lévesque is an entrepreneur and one of the country’s foremost wellness and fitness experts. Founder of DML Holdings — a portfolio of disruptor brands in the wellness category such as Gymshark, 1 Hotels, Arena, Playbook, Super Coffee, and PromixNutrition. DML Holdings invests capital into early stage ventures while advising and partnering with some of the biggest names in the fitness, health, and wellness industry.
With a father and a grandfather who both were professional weightlifters, Devon has been immersed into the fitness industry his whole life. He believes fitness is a tool for mental strength, which is the foundation of a healthy wellbeing. Devon’s training regimen challenges the brain and emphasizes the importance of daily recovery from use of the sauna, acupuncture, cupping, IV drip therapy, sports massage, and more.